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We are in the unique position of having been involved with the development and implementation of AIDC technology for over 25 years.  This provides our clients with expertise at a theoretical and practical level.


Technology Evaluation and Implementation

We can provide advice to individual businesses on established, developing or emerging AIDC technology, covering:

  • Management briefings on technologies and standards developments
  • Technology audits and business process analysis to identify relevant uses of the technology
  • Developing company-specific project implementation plans
  • Co-managing projects
  • Training on the use of the technologies

Technology Standards Development

Our involvement in various standardisation committees enables us to advise clients on a broad range of technical and implementation issues. Our activities include:

  • Advising the sponsors of draft standards
  • Preparing draft versions of a standard
  • Technical review of draft standards
  • Advising on the impact of particular standards, from initial drafts to published standards
  • Advising on the implementation of standards 

Application Standards Development

Our work covers:

  • Advising an industry to develop an industry-specification solution
  • Advising on emerging application standards, including the preparation of White Papers
  • Assisting an industry body throughout all stages of standards development: drafting, publication, implementation and on-going technical support, including training and help desk
  • Analysis of application standards for technology vendors, end-users and industry bodies 

Recent Projects

  • Rationalising product code structures for various industries, including office products and fresh produce.
  • EAN.UCC fresh produce traceability guidelines.
  • RFID technology and Data Protocol standards.
  • RSS and Composite Symbology standardisation and applications.
  • Pharmaceutical bar code structures and production in a complex European market.


We undertake major commissioned or tendered research projects for business clients, consortia and government bodies.




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