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We are a UK based company with a global reach.  Our client base includes:

  • Governments – commissioning particular technology advice
  • Industry associations – for the development of standards and on-going support for an industry sector
  • Technology vendors – strategic advice, standards development, research on particular markets, and specific technical developments
  • End users – strategic advice, reviews of technology developments, specific application studies

Industry Associations

We have been retained as technical experts and Project Editors to develop 22 application standards relating to Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). The industry associations have either a pan-European or UK domain. They represent the following sectors:


Book industry

Marine & boat industry

Recorded music industry

Furniture manufacturing

Office products industry

Scotch whisky distillers

Gaming & amusement machine rental

Paper merchants

Self adhesive label manufacturers & converters

Greeting card industry

Periodical publishers

Television broadcasting


We have also provided AIDC advice to the airline industry, chemical industry, fresh produce industry, pharmaceuticals and retail sector.


Commercial Clients

We have advised and undertaken projects for companies in the following sectors:


AIDC manufacturers & integrators

Healthcare product manufacturers

Postal services


Label printers

Research institutes

Chemical industry

Office product manufacturers


Clothing manufacturers

Paper merchants

Television broadcasters

Furniture manufacturers

Parcel carriers

Whisky distillers

Greeting card publishers

Pharmaceutical manufacturers



We are able to draw on our experience of this broad spectrum of industries to provide sound, and relevant, advice to our clients – new and established.







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