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January 2008 – RFID Data Protocol

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Committee (ISO/IEC JTC1 SC31 WG4) responsible for RFID standardisation approved two standards for a Committee Draft Ballot among National Standards Bodies. These standards moved the RFID Data Protocol Standards to a next phase of development and are:

ISO/IEC 15961-1 Information Technology – Radio frequency identification (RFID) for item management – Data protocol: Part 1: Application interface

ISO/IEC 15962  Information Technology – Radio frequency identification (RFID) for item management – Data protocol: Data encoding rules and logical memory functions

Paul Chartier, Principal of Praxis Consultants, is Project Editor for both these standards. They build on the published version of the standards to support new types of RFID tag and new encoding methods. As such, they are fully backwards compatible with the standards that were published in October, but bring additional capabilities for encoding almost any type of data in an RFID tag. The Data Protocol standards have already been implemented in application standards published by IATA for baggage handling, and in ISO 28560 for library applications.

Other sectors are in the process of implementing the standards that are designed to support encoding of data from established and new systems.

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January 2008 – CASAGRAS Research Project

Praxis Consultants is proud to announce that it is a formal sub-contractor to the AIDC European Centre of Excellence for the European-funded Framework 7 project CASAGRAS. The Co-ordination And Support Action for Global RFID-related Activities and Standardisation (CASAGRAS) project involves international collaboration with China, Japan, Korea and the USA so that the European Union is in a better position to exploit all the benefits of RFID.

Praxis Consultants is involved with a number of the work packages in the CASAGRAS project:

  • Standards and procedures for International Standardisation in relation to RFID, including applications and conformance standards.
  • Regulatory issues in respect of RFID standards.
  • Global coding systems in relation to RFID standards.
  • RFID in relation to ubiquitous computing and networks.
  • Functional, including sensory, developments in RFID and associated standards.
  • Areas of application, existing and future, and associated standards.
  • Socio-economic components of RFID usage.

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December 2007 – RFID in Libraries Standard

RFID technology has been used in the library community for a number of years and has proved to be quite successful. Many of the current applications are based on proprietary technology and a committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO TC46 SC4 WG11) has the task of developing a standardised solution for RFID for libraries. This will increase the interoperability both of RFID tags, equipment and systems.

Paul Chartier, Principal of Praxis Consultants, is Project Editor for ISO/28560-2: Information and documentation – RFID in libraries – Part 2: Encoding based on ISO/IEC 15962.

This standard, which has just moved forward to a Committee Draft ballot within the National Bodies involved in the information and documentation domain, provides specific application rules to exploit the standard encoding capabilities of the RFID Data Protocol.

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November 2007 – EU Expert Group

Paul Chartier, Chair of the CEN TC225 RFID Ad Hoc Committee, presented a set of updated definitions to the European Union RFID Expert Group, which is currently developing a formal EU Recommendation on RFID and Privacy.

As a member of the EU RFID Expert Group, Paul Chartier represents the European Standards Body (the European Committee for Standardization) which has regional responsibility for developing standards to achieve the Single Market in Europe.

The EU RFID Expert Group is tasked with contributing to a draft Recommendation on RFID and Privacy, with the intention of this coming into force with all European Union governments some time in 2008. The Expert Group will now consider other socio-economic aspects of introducing RFID across Europe.


Updated 22 January 2008

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